All's about today, 29 June 2013!

 Hi hi hi. Hehehe hahaha xD Assalamualaikum yallsss! Aku sikmok ckp byk gik. 
Aku just nak upload gbr jak. Hahaha. Is all about today. 29 June 2013 :) 

 My girlfriends :*

  My beloved classmates!

  Hi, kami gila ganas tp dlm hati ada taman sayur kobis.

  "Harimau Whielie"

 They savage!

 Saya sayang awak nyoooo! Hahaha xD

Holla :)

 Hi hello hey hey! Today i feeling lonely because don't hv reload hahaha I can't text with him. 
So sad hmmm hahaha :)  
Noneng hv call me just now. Ohhh my god, so sweet of his voice awww awww:*
He always make me happy until now ohhhh damn. I love you so strong sayang babyboo sweethearts fruithearts  my everything my hapiness, my sweetness, my smart man muahhhhhhhh xoxo:* 
We have same attitude hihi. Sayang awak forever Muhammad Nibiq bin Muhammad Jaraee, insyaAllah I will sayang.

He's my Man!

"I love you, you love me, we are happy family"
My happiness, my heart, my soul, my sweetness, my goofy&awesome, my smart&handsome, my cute&tiny man, my MAN and he's my everything in this earth. I love you, Muhammad Nibiq bin Muhammad Jaraee.
I'll love him second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day with all of my heart.
InsyaAllah, he will always be my man and forever be mine.
Iloveyousostrongsayang! :*

2013 About's

Hi, long time no update this blogger:) So now 2013, and I also have a new life. 
Nowdays, I have fall in love with someone that can make me happy everyday:) Do you wants to know who is him?
 He is Muhammad Nibiq bin Muhammad Jaraee:) I love him so strong. 
Nobody can replace him in my heart. I'm with him almost one years together. We happy family like barney song "I love you, you love me, we are happy family"
6 June 2012 is the first day we start together :) But, almost one month we friends. I'm happy with him. He make my life coulourful like crayon. Muhammad Nibiq is my everything. I can't forgot all the sweetness memory that we have sayang :)

Old story's

Hi baby, I love you.
But, it's so sad that someone else has gotten your heart.
But, the best wishes for you.

If you'll wanna know, I just typed out a very long post that I was just about the post. But, the feeling came up, And I decided not to. So, im not.

Just so you know, I miss you very much. But, i wont do anything if I see you.