Old story's

Hi baby, I love you.
But, it's so sad that someone else has gotten your heart.
But, the best wishes for you.

If you'll wanna know, I just typed out a very long post that I was just about the post. But, the feeling came up, And I decided not to. So, im not.

Just so you know, I miss you very much. But, i wont do anything if I see you.

Thank you for being there for you even when I didn't need your help. I didn't realise all the things that you have done for me until now. I'm sorry. Really sorry. Now, you're gone. I fucked up.

♥ Starting off this post with a little bit of love. Haha. ((: Ok, ending here, Byebye loves. (:

Happyyyy thought :D

HAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ((: Im freaking laughing my ass off alone in the room like a retarded gal. ((:

Ok, Hi. I think, I've not blogged since morning. Ok, reason why I'm laughing my ass off alone in the room is because I can hear my uncles, aunties and cousins laughing THEIR ass off outside while watching Adnan Sempit. Bought the DVD, so we're watching it together. I've watched it, it was v v funny. Watch it, K people ! Watch out for the english, fucking rawks. Ok, so. Lazy to type about what happened. Ok, that's all. Byebye!

Ulcers and sorethroat. How fun can it get?
Ohmygod, I miss you so much. I couldn't believe that I just said that, but that's the truth. I know that you wouldn't bereading this fucking lame post, but I need a place to let out my feelings. Who knows, maybe you would read this. Ever since you stopped texting me, I was so happy. Cause, at that time, to me, you were just one little irritating dick who couldn't keep his mouth shut. But when there's no more of you in me, I felt so, alone. I didn't realise that you were the one who kept me company during those nights I couldn't sleep. During those nights where I woke up from my sleep, and then i text you, and you would reply. I didn't realise all of that until you didn't want anything to do with me. I miss you. That's all I have to say. Everytime, I have an urge to give you a text message. Maybe, a friendly hello or something nice. But then I thought what you would think of me. You'll think that im some crazy girl who seeks attention, or maybe something else. Whatever you have in mind. Even though you annoyed the hell out of me, asking me wether I could stay up night with you, when I didn't want to, but sometimes I did. When you asked me to listen to the scary stories they tell at night, I say that I'm scared to listen, and you'll say that you're here for me. That you'll always be there by my side. I loved it when said that. Even though there was such a long distance between us, you cared. I did my part by asking you to stop doingyour bad habits. I hoped that you've stopped it. Now that we're no longer in contact, I hope that everything's going well with you and your family, especially your dad, with your studies, with everything. Now, I want you back, but I'm just wasting your time. So, I'll let you have your life by not disturbing it. That's all I have to say to you. Bye.

Hey, im back. (: No picture for now. Im so lazy to upload and wait for it to load. But, if I did post a picture, it probably would be the Vans shoes that I posted on my tumblr. Those were the shoes that I have been dying to look for, & now i have found them ! Yeay me. Haha. Fucking nice I tell You. I want, ): The only store I know is RSH. Shall go there with her, soon. (: And, if she agrees to buy for me that. :D Hehhheeh, ok. So, mum's out again. My Tagboard has been dead. Hahahahhaa, ok. So, I think that's all I have to say. bye!