Evening :o

Macam ini lah saya buang boring.haha.Saya tidak tahu nak buat apa lagi.haha.TERSABGAT
lah boring hari itu.

haha.sengaja saya nak main videocam.hehe.nasib bpk saya tidak tahu derr.haha.
kalau dia tahu naaslah aku.hahaha.

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"I do not know why this should happen"

"I do not know why this should happen"
hi. long time no hear. haha. today I want to share a story, which tells me and MAR. I am very frustrated because, first he had hurt me and the second he lied me.
I am very sad to all of this. But what could I have been the fate of state. I keep thinking he of this since.

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Jan Mi now.

haha.muka miss photo tok.hahahaha.

Why my face like that.hhaa.fat me:D
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Cinta Terlarang

I love this picture. Because of this picture I remembered him.
We both just love match. But we do not couple.
Because of our love is 'forbidden love'
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Saye sudah tidak saber ni.;p SAYA MAHU PUASA.

Lihat muka saya,banyak bulat maa.tudung itu main peranan maa.

Tegah mamikirkan ni.Saye pun tak tahu tegah pike sapa tu.

That sunglass edited.hmm.;p

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I’m no beauty queen,I’m just beautiful me.

Oh yea,haha.Like nerdy alu jak.haha.but happy just now.haha.cause I had a new

‎1st :#Heart happy but worried.
2nd:#Today I am very happy. Has never been this happy :D
3rd:#I told you love does.Heart happy but worried.There is jealousy and longing and I am still waiting

ONE THING I WANT SAY " I am still waiting "

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-heart happy but worried-

Ohh.damn shit.C: haha.Why my face bekenyak like that.;pp
Today my life full about you.haha.I dont know why I always remembered you.
One thing that I dont like you that is you make me feel disappointed.
But one thing I want say heart happy but worried.

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July photo

This is the first month of july pictures. I do not know why I'm that kind of face. haha. buffoonery. but I'm happy because I can forget him.
I pray to be able to forget you. I want you to be happy with your current girlfriend. You have made me fall in love with you but you make me suffer now.

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Recalls a past memory.The story of our friendship with.In a study.
Seeking knowledge and experience reminds sacrifices.
Solid engraved in my heart.Mutual friends and teachers
You entertain my laughter.Beautiful atmosphere of the time
Your advice really means to me.Identifying the meaning of my life
Difficulty we face with.That is part and parcel of life

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